Frequently Asked Questions

What is ManageMyIdeas?

ManageMyIdeas is a place to record and organize your ideas. Keep them private, share them with selected associates, or publish them for the world to see.

Can anyone see my ideas?

Not unless you want them to.  Once you create an idea, it can only be seen by you. If you want other people to see your idea, you must add them to your associates list by inviting them to ManageMyIdeas. Once they have accepted your invitation you will see their name in your associates list. Just select their name and click "Share."

How do I create a new idea?

Each page has a "Start a New Idea" link. You just enter the name of your idea, add a description of your idea and click "Save." This will place your new idea in your Idea List.

How do I leave feedback for the developers?

Each page has a "Provide Feedback" link for you to leave feedback for the site developers. We personally read each feedback and we will use every effort to make the site better by using your feedback.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, just send us an email at with "Cancel My Account" in the subject line and your Username in the body of the email. We will delete your account and any ideas you may have entered, so be sure to download your ideas if you want to keep them.

How do I invite other people to see my Ideas?

Invite your friends to use ManageMyIdeas. It is a fun way to share thoughts and ideas. To invite people to share your ideas, you can use the "Invite an Associate" link on each page. Just type in your name and the email of the person you wish to invite and wait for them to accept the invitation. It's easy!

What are tags?

Tags are used to label your ideas. For example, you may have three different ideas about writing a short story. Using tags, you can label each of those ideas with “short_story”, or any other tag that makes sense to you. You can have as many tags as you want. If you have any tags, they will appear on the "My Ideas" page. When you click on them, it will display all ideas that have that tag.